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Reliable, secure, super-fast Wi-Fi and Broadband solutions.

Connect offices together, improve productivity, cost effective VoIP solutions.

We supply and fit end to end network solutions, from leased lines and structured cabling to Wi-Fi and VoIP.

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Welcome to Business Park Broadband UK

"Our tenants increasingly need to upload and download larger files, use a VoIP system and browse the internet at the same time; a leased line with a solid distribution infrastructure is an innovative and effective way for us to do this efficiently".

There are many ways in which we can work with your business park management team, park board and individual businesses to provide a tailored solid solution that won't break the bank.

Shared Last Mile Broadband Solutions

We specialise in creating solutions which enable multiple businesses to share the cost of a leased line via our network infrastructure. Each "segment" of the line can be dedicated to an individual business over an encrypted connection, or contended.

With either solution we give you the best possible speeds, and pricing starting from 10mbps upload and download.

How Does it work?

We work with you and nearby businesses (if applicable) to find out your requirements, and ensure that the stakeholders drive the project forwards. We then order a leased line from one of our suppliers, we make sure we get the best price available by shopping round for you. We install our network infrastructure (usually PPPoE) on top of the leased line.

This enables you to share the line in any fashion you require. It could be between all your offices in one building, or two of your offices set apart on the same estate, or it could be with your neighbouring businesses. We test thoroughly, and make sure the line is encrypted for your security and peace of mind.

Sharing the cost of a leased line dramatically changes it's feasibility for you.

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