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Confused About Which Fibre Optic Broadband Your Business Needs?

It's simple. We provide the fastest possible broadband connection, for the best price.


Silver Broadband Package

Up to 76Mbps Download, Up to 19Mbps Upload, Unlimited, £35 Plus VAT Per Month

One Off Install Fee of £100 which includes a TP Link router.

Gold Broadband Package

Up to 76Mbps Download, Up to 19Mbps Upload, Unlimited, £35 Plus VAT Per Month

One Off Install Fee of £250 which includes a TP Link modem, and Mikrotik routerboard.

Using the additional Mikrotik hardware, we actively monitor all our Gold Package connections. This means we will get an email if your connection goes down, and we will call you (usually immediately) inside 2hrs to help resolve it*. We manage your router for you, and work with you and/or your IT department to ensure all the settings you need are in place.

*Within business hours which are 9 - 5 Monday to Friday.

Is there a difference between any of the packages on offer?

Some people call it Ultrafast, some people call it Superfast. Others call it FTTC or FTTP, or Fibre/Fibre Optic..or just plain old broadband. The terms Ultrafast and Superfast were really spurred on by the goverments campaign to improve broadband speed across the country, they don't refer to a specific technology. FTTC stands for Fibre To The Cabinet. This means fibre from the local telephone/broadband exchange to your nearest green cabinet (almost always owned by BT), then the same old copper line to your house. So the further you are away from the green cabinet the worse the broadband speed. FTTP stands for Fibre To The Premises, and as the name suggests this means you get fibre all the way to your place of work or home, which is capable of much more speed.

The trouble is, that all these connections are still sold on the basis that you will need more download than upload (asynchronous), which used to be true. However, these days people need to use cloud based services, VoIP, and work from home, so upload speed has become ever more important. Hopefully this is an issue that will be addressed in the near future by the government. 

All you need to look out for is the download and upload speed which will be up to 76Mbps download (some round up to 80Mbps but you will never see that), and up to 19Mbps upload (again, some round up to 20Mbps), and that the connection is "unlimited" so you can download/upload as much as you want.



Do you have issues getting a wireless signal in some rooms of your premises or home?

We can ensure you get coverage throughout. All the devices we supply are the best fit for the scenario, professionally installed, and are monitored in our cloud management system.   


Get Your Advice From Our Qualified Wi-Fi and Network Engineers

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