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    Making IT easy for small businesses

    IT Support

    No more need for in-house IT skills with a fully responsive support service and single point of contact to ‘own’ IT support and solve problems quickly for a simple monthly fee.


    Flexible options available for guaranteed service levels and superfast broadband, all for one standard monthly fee with installation, hardware and service level monitoring included

    Computer Hardware

    Smart solutions for regular computer hardware replacement with competitive sourcing of good quality equipment, keeping your business productive with the latest technology. All with next day delivery, installation and secure disposal of old equipment and data if needed.

    MS Office 365

    Stay up to date with latest MS Office software, manage your emails and store all your files with easy set up and just one simple monthly fee – all in the cloud so no need for expensive internal servers.

    VOIP Telephony

    Cloud based telephony service with all the features and flexibility of a traditional phone system, but with a simple monthly fee that helps to drive down the cost of calls.

    Website Hosting

    Simple, low cost & secure hosting service for existing websites for a standard monthly fee with ongoing service level and security monitoring.

    IT Consultancy

    Now you can get the best advice and value from IT to support your business needs, with best practice strategies and solutions to keep you protected and drive down the cost of IT.


    Bongo IT Support Solutions


    Business IT Support Services, Oxfordshire

    Bongo IT gives you access to an experienced and friendly team of IT Support engineers, and systems architects, to help you when you most need it. You will achieve more, and spend less with your IT after consulting with us. We know that you have a variety of needs, now and in the future, and our IT Support packages are continually customised to suit your business. Not only do we understand your business requirements but we plan for the future. Some of our clients have doubled in size over the last couple of years, or moved offices which can create challenges when you are trying to meet your own deadlines and keep everyone working. The flexible and robust infrastructures we put in place, along with good forward planning, mean this is easy to achieve with no downtime and no loss of critical services like VoIP or broadband.  

    All Systems Go

    We can help no matter your IT Support service requirements are, from just wanting a professional email system, to needing a new network designed and installed from the ground up. Your business is important for us, and our primary concern is keeping you running. IT Support issues will always occur, but with proactive monitoring of your systems we can pick up issues before they affect workflow, and often resolve them before you notice. We keep our systems simple and effective so nothing slips through the cracks, and the systems are easy to maintain. A simple answer to a complex problem is often the best one.

    Trust develops over time

    We usually work with our clients businesses for six months on a PAYG basis before we suggest putting any sort of contract in place, this is to ensure we really know what your requirements are, and can therefore price your IT Support package accordingly. You will love consulting with us and finding out what is really achievable within your budget. 

    Bongo IT can provide you with end to end IT support for all of your needs from broadband, servers, networks and desktops to the cloud, Office 365, and VoIP.

    Managed Services

    With our managed services we learn about your business, and allow you to trial our services before you make any committments on paper. Whilst most businesses have similar issues that they face, everyone has their own way of working and we want to understand how you want things done. It could be something as simple as changing the way you are billed, or the way in which we report, which makes all the time saving difference to you. We have hundreds of potential features to add to your bespoke IT Support package from pro-active monitoring of your network, servers, Wi-Fi, and computers to performance checks, software updates, and physical updates to computers. If you are thinking about buying new Line of Business software or network connected hardware then you will be able to seek our advice so we can help you make an informed decision based on your current and future tech needs.


    Entering in to an IT Support contract might not feel like the right thing for your business so we supply Pay As You Go IT Support services to many long term clients who don't have the need for a fully managed system. These services may include site visits to diagnose and repair hardware or software, remote support, buying new hardware, setting up new systems and practically anything you can think you might need. If you need just a bit of help right now, then give us a call and we will help you as quickly as possible.

    IT Consultancy

    Bongo IT have been involved with a wide range of project work from upgrading Exchange servers at financial institutions to planning the migration of 20,000 people to Office 365. Our experience is why you can trust in the advice of our consultants, and why your project won't fall short of the mark. We can help you with scoping, project planning and management, business process mapping, getting the budget right and of course, implementation of the correct solution. 

    We have a huge range of solutions available to us through our trusted partners and suppliers so you will be able to find the perfect solution with us. We will always strive to get you the best priced solution for you budget that most closely matches your needs. There is no limitation on the software and hardware solutions we can provide, other than meeting the budget.

    Once the solution is implemented according to plan, we will guide your users through any learning curve necessary, and produce accompanying documentation to support your processes. We will then support and maintain the infrastructure, working with other suppliers where necessary, and ensure you are 100% happy with the experience as time progresses. 

    We can't resist a challenge so give us a problem and see if we can solve it for you in a free initial consultation.


    More About Bongo IT

    In the team

    we have over 25 years of business experience as well as being specialised in computer lead technologies. This allows us to better understand and assist SME's in their growth as well as their communications, IT, websites, hosting, social media, cloud, MS 365 and much more. If you are unsure if we can help you please call us for a free, no obligation consultation.


    Our clients

    stay with us for the long haul because they trust us to do the right thing for them. We support all business sectors from lawyers, entrepreneurs, and manufacturers to construction companies and not-for-profit organisations. We have a superb track record with our oldest client having been with us since 2001. 

    If you are a not-for-profit organisation then please ask us about the free services and software you can access through us and our network. We believe in Corporate Social Responsibility and have pledged to help early stage, and local charities in various ways.


    With our end to end solutions

    we nearly always find that we can save you money, if not immediately, then over time. We often work with trusted industry partners to improve our procedures, keep our costs down and stay up to date with business issues. With our business and affiliate network we can also pool resources where needed, outsource specialist jobs, and make informed recommendations for a comprehensive range of business support services.

    To find out how to improve your business speak to us today. Contact us now for more information.