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Confused About Which Fibre Optic Broadband, and Wi-Fi Options Your Business Needs?

How about we take care of it for you, and make sure you get the best deal too?

What Is A Leased Line?

A Leased Line is a private fibre pipeline usually going straight to an exchange, and may also connect to a private network of computers and services. The benefits of it are threefold: to provide a guarenteed level of quality, to get very fast broadband speeds, and to connect to private services or computers (typically servers). For more technical information why not email us, or perhaps have a look at the Wiki page.

Why Use Us?

When you buy a leased line from us we will get you the best possible price because we go to market with a number of our trusted industry affiliates who are highly competitive. If you can find a leased line anywhere else cheaper we will be able to match or beat that price.

We have specialist network engineers who will ensure the solution will be right first time, even on large multi-tennanted projects. We also support Ubiquiti and Mikrotik devices which provide excellent value for money for any network.

We have a proven track record of working with local government to provide broadband to business parks in "difficult to reach" areas. Where fibre dares to tread we can provide fast connections, and excellent support.

Business Internet underpins applications and communications for organisations today. Uninterrupted connectivity and high-bandwidth - such as 100Mbps - is a key requirement for Bongo IT's Business Internet customers - with no disruption from consumer peaks in traffic.

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Leased lines

fibre optic broadband leased line

Fast and reliable with active monitoring included. We always make sure you get the best price, and that you are not oversold to. We also supply a variety of structured cabling fitting services, wi-fi, and network setup services to ensure that your users get connected wherever they are. We also have a range of redundancy options available. Please email us regarding your situation so we can provide FOC advice.


Modern indoor Wi-Fi, and outdoor Microwave devices are incredible and can be used in many exciting ways.


Outdoor Microwave dishes can "bounce" the internet sigal between themselves allowing you to connect premises to one internet source over a great distance. Or for example perhaps you need an easy way to connect your office networks together with a long range Point to Point (PtP) link. Or maybe you need to connect the converted stables next door to your internet with a short range PtMP link, enabling multiple businesses to use your internet connection. This hardware opens up a range of possibilities.


The modern range of "AC" indoor wireless devices will allow for greater throughput (download and upload speeds), and will typically allow more users to be able to connect to them. Wireless "n" is a slightly older standard which many routers still have. Your mobile phone, if modern enough, may be able to connect to both types.

When we design and build networks we tend towards using Ubiquiti, and Mikrotik devices as these brands have a good mixture of reliability, ease of setup, and cost. This makes them viable for small businesses and home use, as well as for small to medium sized networks at an enterprise level.

We provide the consultancy, supply and fit of all the equipment, and of course give you the on-going support you need.


Our own cost effective solution for telephony is an on-site PBX. The standard setup includes: PBX services are preconfigured with trunks, extensions with voicemail, one ring group, a conference extension, and telephone number porting. More advanced options are also available. Our PBX solution is perfect for those wanting between 2 and 10 phones, inclusive.

Not sure about the terminology? What Is A PBX?

Want to know more? Then download our PDF product, and price guide by clicking on the icon below.


Bongo IT Telephony Solution PBX


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Unfortunately the super fast broadband connection voucher scheme from the BDUK has come to an early close with over 40,000 vouchers issued. The government have also now said that they will not be renewing the scheme. Whilst the scheme was running you were able to claim up to £3,000 to upgrade your business to faster, better broadband through the Broadband Connection Vouchers scheme. It covered the capital and equipment costs of upgrading your broadband connection. We hope another similar scheme will soon become available again, and you can be assured we will be on the list of trusted providers.

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