Vallebona Client Testimonial

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Vallebona is a Wimbledon based company selling gourmet, artisan, and Italian produce to both private clients and trade. Facing a period of rapid growth; Owner, Stefano Vallebona was looking for a better replacement for the existing server. Looking to keep everything easily accessible and cost-effective, he was advised by Bongo to use Microsoft Office 365. As this would allow quick and easy shared communication of files, reports and calendars across the company; keeping everyone up to date and in the know;

– Which is especially important when Stefano is away researching new products in Italy and Sardinia.


Bongo advised Stefano to use Office 365 as the upgrade, their knowledge of the products was extensive and they were extremely helpful and efficient. As a result, Vallebona have seen a great improvement to the day-to-day running of the company. Now that all calendars and important documentation are on a cloud based system; it is all easily accessible to employees. This means that the work which needs to be done, can be done anywhere – including on business trips to Italy.

"It was a low cost alternative which also happened to be the one with least maintenance – so there is less time worrying about IT issues and more time focusing on Vallebona itself!”

Stefano, MD, Vallebona. Stefano also later added “I think I would like to just deal with you guys for the rest of my life!”

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